The Long Story of the Long Soba

Komaba Times

By Tomoko Takahashi

A Long Story of the Long Soba

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Have you ever heard of eating Soba, or buckwheat noodles, on New Year’s Eve? If you do, do you know why we eat them on New Year’s Eve in Japan? Here are some stories that go with your delicious Soba.

Soba made at home (December 16, 2012, photo taken at author's home) Soba made at home (December 16, 2012, photo taken at author’s home)

Soba is deeply related to our Japanese culture. We can buy ready-made noodles at supermarkets and simply boil them at home, but some people bother to make the noodles from scratch, which is called Te-uchi-soba, or handmade Soba. We see Soba-ya, or Soba restaurants everywhere, and some are even on train platforms, accepting busy office workers to stop by and eat standing! Soba is a part of everyday life in Japan.

According to the book Soba-Edo no Shokubunnka (Buckwheat…

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